Cool Blue Collector And New Gallery Options

Collecting art is the new badge of sophistication.  The only problem is that original artworks can be very expensive–sometimes in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  Andy and I are committed to making art collecting accessible to all, so we are introducing a new feature to roll out later this week.

Every week we will offer a new, original artwork painted by me at Cool Blue Collector pricing.  That means $200 or less (depending on size and intricacy). This will be a full-level professional painting.  Not a paint party option.  And it will only be one a week, and it will be announced right here.

And, for all of you just getting started in your world of creating art, also note that our paint party  gallery update also begins this week!  We’ll be replacing 40 party options with new ones.  Very exciting!

The new options will be beginner level, medium level, and a few advanced level, so that folks from all experience levels can enjoy new classes.

Ahhhhhh I love Fall!  Time to turn over a new leaf!  Ha.

Watch for all the new gallery introductions beginning later today on our Facebook page.  And watch for the Cool Blue Collector release sometime between Wednesday and Saturday.   First to claim it breaks into the art collector world at unheard of pricing!

Kids Birthday Paint Parties starting at $150

Have a little artist on your hands?  Did you know we can come do a paint party for the kids  for their next birthday?  And it won’t cost you any more than you are already spending on grab bags and favors.   Prices start at $150 for up to 6 kids (age 12 or under).   Add $25 for each child thereafter.   We take care of the entertainment and the party favor (their painting.) And you get to sit back and relax.  Easy Peasy.  Be sure to book your event well in advance to insure the date you need.  Call us at 774-230-0102

Art Decor for Home and Life

Did you know that all of our painting are available on a variety of items such as shower curtains, pillows, bags, cups, and more?

Go to then click on the “Collect Art” tab then the “Fine Art Prints & Merchandise” tab to find your treasures today!

2018 EAA Chapter Fly In/ Drive In

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first Fly In / Drive In event with the EAA Chapter of Massachusetts ( ), and I can promise it won’t be my last.   Aviation, Classic Cars, food, great people.  What more could you ask for?   And I came out of it with a few great painting inspirations.   Watch for those coming up over the next few weeks.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the 1000+ I took from that day.

Waiting to Load

Waiting to Load
24 x 36 Mixed Media on Canvas
Holly Connors, 2018

(Click on the photo to enlarge.  There’s some fun stuff tucked into this painting that you can’t see until you zoom in.)

Throughout our first years of marriage, I was a trucker’s wife.  My husband was on the road for weeks at a time while I was home raising babies.   We lived lives at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Me, with three children under the age of 4, a life of noise and chaos that never ended.  Him, with long waits for loads and unloads, one of frequent boredom and loneliness.

It wasn’t until years later that I truly began to appreciate the importance of what he did.   The trucking industry has always been critical for the survival of everyone in this country, and it’s more and more important every year.  So this one goes out to all of you who spend your days and nights on the road for all of us.  Thank you.

The Second Step. Choose a Niche.

Now that I’ve decided to move ahead with the fine art part of my art career, I’m told that I need to choose a niche.  Well.  I don’t have to.  Only if I want to be successful.

At first I was horrified.  How can I choose?  I love being able to paint whatever comes to my mind, wherever inspiration strikes!   But then I looked at my recent works and it’s pretty obvious where my inspiration tends to come from.   Travel and transportation.   Most of my paintings of the last year revolve around that theme quite naturally already.

So there’s not much to think about, is there?

I mean, it doesn’t even terrify me.  I love everything to do with planes, trains, automobiles and boats–maybe even a tractor or motorcycle or two.  They take me wherever my wanderlust dreams up.     So why not?

On to step 3…

Field of Dreams by artist Holly Connors, 2018 24 x 30 Mixed Media on Canvas

(click on the photo to enlarge)  The first of our Revol-YOU-tion series is up!   I asked what you would do if you weren’t afraid, and you have responded.  Here is the first in honor of a man who dreamed his whole life of flying, and now he’s finally doing it.

Do you see all the steps he had to complete?  Do you see the fears that bubble up clouding his vision?  Zoom in to see all the hidden details of this saga.   Nothing is included by chance.  It’s all part of the tale.

Field of Dreams is a mixed media collage piece.  Acrylic paint, acrylic ink, art papers assembled on a 24 x 30 stretched canvas.   This piece sold before posting.

The next 50 years

In December I will be 50.  FIFTY!


I know. It’s odd that I would be looking forward to aging, but I’ve looked forward to fifty for a long time.  To me, it’s the age where I get to shift from doing all the things I needed to do for everyone else to doing things that I want to do just for me.

And for me, the biggest of those is to take my art career more seriously.  Remember last week when I asked what you would do if you weren’t afraid?  For me, that would be to step further into the world of fine art.   As in gallery representation.  (The very idea invigorates and terrifies me!)

I’ll always do art classes of one sort or another, simply because I love to do them. And I’m sure I’ll always take commissions.  But this coming year you will see a huge shift of focus to my personal artistic creations and my learning how to, I guess you could say, officially stick my toe into the fine art world.

I’ve never been to school for art.  I really don’t know the ins and outs of how to begin to enter that world, but I’m going to learn and do.  One way or another.

I’ll consider it my birthday gift to myself.   :::::blows party horn::::

If anyone out there has any gallery connections, I’d appreciate an introduction.  Thank you, in advance.   I appreciate you all so very much!

Window Art Party At Holly’s

Arrive anytime between 1 pm and 2 pm!!

Come create your next masterpiece! No experience required. We’ll guide you step-by-step.

Bring a friend! We’ll help you design and create a window art piece that you love.

Nautical, floral, botanical, gems, and more! So many options to choose from. There’s something to delight everyone. No experience required.

Prices start at $40 and go up from there (we will post a sample chart in the comments), and depend on the size frame you choose. Cash, Debit, and Credit accepted.

Dress for a mess!

RSVP REQUIRED so that we can be sure to have enough materials on hand.

See all details here: