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What I can do for you

If you don’t see it on this list, call.

I can talk with you.

I can paint something just for you. 

I can paint side-by-side with you, giving you lessens or helping you with a step-by-step walk through of a particular painting.

I can paint with you and your friends at your place or mine.  

I can do a fundraiser to help raise money for your cause.  

I can paint a special ornament or gift for you.

I can offer you copies (prints) of my original works of art at an affordable price.

I can paint your pet’s portrait OR

I can teach you how to paint your pet, step by step. (Make it a party! Invite your friends to paint their own pet’s portrait.)

I can sit with you alone or with your friends and teach the value of journaling and how to create a beautiful art journal, bullet journal, scrap journal, or nature journal.

We can walk together in nature. We can do this as a group too.

We can work together to create sea glass art.

I can teach  you to knit or crochet or needlepoint or even do basic sewing.

I can teach you how to draw.

There’s so much we can do together.  All you need to do is call me.  774-230-0102

Upcoming events

About the artist

(Some call this my artist bio)

An artist at birth, Holly has been drawing and creating since kindergarten, with her first public displays and art awards coming in Junior High School. She credits two art teachers–one in Junior High and one in High School– with encouraging her to expand and explore her creativity. If it weren’t for them, she might have left art behind as a childhood hobby.

Since that time Holly has expanded her skills through thousands of hours of self-teaching in her studio along with classes with Professor Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, President of Rosemont College, and Professor David Brody, Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Holly has been painting with acrylics and creating painted art since 1990, but in early 2018 she began experimenting with mixed media.  Since then her works all blend together a few types of art to create one cohesive artwork. She believes that this technique gives the piece more layers, more texture, more for the brain to chew on. This has quickly become her signature style, and the type of art her clients ask for most.

She now creates paintings that include bits of collage, ink, and other items worked into them, all strategically chosen to help tell the story that the painting depicts.  Holly’s favorite subjects are aviation, military, travel and transportation. 

Upcoming Events

51 Ford by artist Holly Connors

No Limits

Nature Journaling

Coming in Spring! Nature Journal Hikes and classes!

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Starting in Spring, join us for Nature Journaling class.  Create a new hobby that brings both increased health and happiness to all who participate.

Upcoming Events

Paint and Craft Classes

Right now we are all self-quarantining, right?  But soon enough class will resume.

Maybe an online class?

Nature Hikes and Journaling Class

Watch for our Nature journaling classes.  You do not need to know how to draw.

We’ll teach you the basics to get your started!

Aviation Events and adventures

Ask us where we’ll be popping up next.  Fly-ins, fairs, festivals, trips, and our next adventure.

We’d love to meet you!

And of course

Art, gifts, & decor

To purchase original artworks, call me directly.  For prints or decor, click the link below. It will take you directly to our secure Pixels store.  There you will find prints and decor.  

Go to our Secure Store (currently featuring aviation art)

Customer reviews

A few words from some of my customers.

Kelli Capozzoli

Holly is a gifted artist – no question. We have an 11 year old chocolate lab. Realizing that he wouldn’t be with us too much longer I asked Holly to paint our dog in oil as a keepsake. Both my husband and I were “blown away” by the end product which looks like a photograph of our beloved Grizz. We couldn’t be more pleased. My husband admitted that he thought at first that this was a silly idea. He is now delighted with the oil painting which depicts the way our dog is most of the time…sitting down looking up at you. You will not be disappointed should you decide to hire Holly to conduct an animal portrait for you!


Barry Bachrach, Attorney

Holly is a tremendous creative force. She excels in free thought art as well as commemorative decorations. From the moment i first saw Holly’s creativity, i was extremely impressed. I have purchased some of her original art and proudly display it. I also asked her to reproduce a picture of my parents on a keep sake box. She did such a great job my children contacted Holly to thank her as it brought tears to their eyes, seeing such a beautiful painting of their grandparents. I highly recommend Holly to fulfill your creative needs. She has the uncanny ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


John Miller, Best Selling Author

Holly painted a portrait of my Mom for Mother’s Day. When mymother received the painting she called and told me she was sohappy that she cried and that I would not have to buy her anothergift for the next 10 years! Wow

Kevin Norby

A flight student said his wife is an artist and completed her first aviation themed work and he’d bring it in to show me.  “No Limits” immediately transported me to being in the air on some adventure by the sense of motion she conveyed and the creative use of mixed media (old news clippings and maps) woven intricately into the landscape and background.   It depicts a Golden Age Biplane and a time when anything was possible for those pushing the boundaries of this new frontier.  I am thrilled I could purchase it as the centerpiece of my flight school and that I have the Original, Holly Connors’ Original, of her Aviation works.  There are many great aviation artists out there, but Holly has already established herself as one of the very best.