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2018 EAA Chapter Fly In/ Drive In

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first Fly In / Drive In event with the EAA Chapter of Massachusetts ( ), and I can promise it won’t be my last.   Aviation, Classic Cars, food, great people.  What more could you ask for?   And I came out of it with a few great painting inspirations.   Watch for those coming up over the next few weeks.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the 1000+ I took from that day.

Plainfield’s First Congregational Church Fundraiser

This past week we had the privilege to teach our second fundraiser for the First Congregational Church of Plainfield.  It was a great turn out and we were particularly delighted to see a bunch of “littles” attend this time as well.   Everyone, especially the youngsters, did a great job.   Here’s a few photos from the event.

img_6108 img_6105 img_6109 15380835_10208096800402608_9058871208268948086_n 15390981_10208096800442609_2243429050531611130_n

The Cumberland-Lincoln Community Chorus Fundraiser

There are many kinds of art, but when art supports art, something truly special happens.  🙂  We were happy to help the Cumberland-Lincoln Community Chorus raise some money to enable them to continue doing the great work that they offer the community.   Here’s a few photos from the event.  To see all the photos, check out our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to Like us while you’re there!

Cumberland Lincoln Chorus The best fundraiser Raise money Rhode Island Paint Party Fundraiser Fun fundraisers

Sacred Heart School, Roslindale, MA Fundraiser event

It’s always a good time for all when you can paint and raise money for a great cause at the same time.  Last weekend we had the pleasure of painting with the Sacred Heart School in Roslindale, MA.   We had students young and as old as 93!  And we heard over and over again that they can’t wait to do it again.   I’d say that was a successful event!

We can’t wait to see them all again.  Here’s a few photos.  You can see the whole album on our Facebook page.

Hyde Park fundraiser Sacred Heart School fundraiser _n Roslindale, MA fundraiser fun school fundraiser best school fundraiser Senior paint classes successful school fundraiser

Saint Josephs Prep School Fundraiser

Being able to offer a family-friendly school fundraiser is something that is important to us.  Last week we had the opportunity to help the staff and kids at Saint Joseph’s Prep School in Boston raise funds for their annual trip to the Dominican Republic.

Here are a few photos from the event.  Enjoy!

IMG_0061 IMG_0048 IMG_0084 IMG_0077 IMG_0088 IMG_0079 IMG_0060 IMG_0074 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0067 IMG_0049 IMG_0052 IMG_0056 IMG_0064 IMG_0054 IMG_0086 IMG_0053 IMG_0076 IMG_0063 IMG_0059 IMG_0078 IMG_0058 IMG_0075 IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0087 IMG_0065 IMG_0081 IMG_0083 IMG_0080 IMG_0055 IMG_0066 IMG_0082 IMG_0085 IMG_0057 IMG_0062 IMG_0050 IMG_0047 IMG_0073 IMG_0051 IMG_0068

Mission Trip Fundraiser — Kids with a Cause!

Recently we had the opportunity to help both Rock Church and Jesse Remington High School in New Hampshire raise some money for mission trips that their teens will be taking.   Talk about a fun day!  We did two different paintings simultaneously.   There was also a pot luck dinner (my personal favorite part!)

Here are a few photos!      Jesse Remington High School Fundraiser RockChurch mission trip fundraiser New Hampshire Church Fundraiser New Hampshire School Fundraiser

Fight for Rylee Paint Night

Rylee’s mom has a full plate.   Her daughter, Rylee Burns-Gayewski, is 11 years old and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease when she was only 18 months old. The past nine and a half years have been a very long road and now Rylee is facing End Stage Kidney Failure. She needs dialysis and a kidney transplant in order for her to survive.

Rylee has been undergoing hemodialysis to clean out the wastes in her blood stream that her kidneys can’t do for her at Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. She has also been doing a lot of testing and treatments until such a time that she is healthy enough to have a kidney transplant and a donor is available.

But that’s not all that Rylee’s mom has been contending with.   Her husband Nick Gayewski passed unexpectedly on Saturday August 23. 2014.  He was a good man–still young– and wonderful father. He left this world with one wish. That his oldest daughter would get better.

The night that we wanted to provide for Jen was about two things.  (1) Giving Jen Gayewski a night off from thinking and stressing, and (2) raising some funds to cover expenses.   We were honored to host a small party at our house for Jen and to see her relax and smile a bit.  Here’s a few photos.   Worth. Every. Minute.

10372190_880473261997206_9098313601600126329_n  10940521_880473188663880_2446461718562888985_n10947353_880473105330555_3618263046616041875_n 1619307_880473218663877_5906549717373563991_n10940590_880473098663889_3488791105515037345_n 10945559_880473498663849_5035553705437759349_n10858512_880473071997225_4560537010826929631_n   10646998_880473438663855_968579956439209600_n1907549_880473675330498_8288406758147567777_n


There has been a account set up for Rylee. If you’d like to contribute, here is the link:

Your World Learning Center Fundraiser

What is more satisfying than providing a safe, happy, fun photo place for your children while you have to go off to work?   And with so many horror stories on the news these days, it appears that it’s getting more and more difficult to find.   So it was with great pleasure that we participated in a fundraiser paint night for a brand new center in South Weymouth, MA.

Your World Learning Center is a great new welcoming center located in South Weymouth.  They are open Mon-Fri 630-6 and they take infants10958744_10100731064752516_510919087_n (starting at 6 weeks) , toddlers, and preschoolers! They offer theme- based curriculum and lots of family involvement, with extras such as this paint night!

Here’s a few photos of the center.  We just fell in love with it when we were there.  I want to be a kid again!    If you are looking for a warm, safe place for your children, please contact Your World Learning Center at 781-337-3204 to arrange a tour of the center.  You can also email them at

Directors are Laura OConnor and Sarah Shepherd10949830_10100731064358306_501570570_n

 They are located at 1221 Main St, South Weymouth, Ma 02190 and entrance is around back.

Here’s a few photos from our fun event!   Who do you know who needs to raise funds?  Have them contact us at

1483295_852380271473172_4326595470361520895_n 1484582_852379834806549_4137072964692150718_n 11370_852380134806519_1561999456706455571_n 10850166_852378601473339_5180079128192359324_n 10849786_852377014806831_1268029226913764771_n 10441035_852379971473202_89222498153468748_n 1450906_852379471473252_6413666947663196490_n 10848037_852377174806815_8272885017984437920_n



Toys for Tots Fundraiser

Andy and I grew up poor.  Very poor.  We were lucky though.  Our parents always figured out a way to get a toy or two under the Christmas tree.   Some kids aren’t so lucky.     This year we wanted to throw a Toys for Tots fundraiser at our house, so we did it by combining it with a Paint Party.   It was very last minute, so it was small, but it was mighty, and we know what to do next year. 🙂

All together we gathered about 13-14 toys that we were happy to send off to Toys for Tots.  Next year’s goal is 50.  Here’s a few photos from our 2014 event.
10847917_850597371651462_6582559128289355650_n 1545999_850597751651424_3902169569233812374_n  10502036_850598014984731_588658997497010741_n 10850062_850597798318086_5692178757022936644_n 10850285_850597794984753_3314129317705133736_n 10849828_850597748318091_3591364886894240738_n 10806468_850597978318068_6719253269867280060_n 1937432_850597488318117_309452189777631540_n10675644_850598071651392_2282432743919728283_n

South Foxboro Jaycees Fundraiser Event

We are proud to have launched our fundraising program this past October beside the South Foxboro Jaycees.   The South Foxboro chapter of the Jaycees has been active in the Foxboro community since 1961, and are a dynamic, enthusiastic volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life through community development projects.

They specialize in community service, so they were a great choice for our launch into philanthropy.  The Foxboro Jaycees are responsible for a multitude of Foxboro community service projects, such as concerts on the common, Relay for Life, the literacy challenge, Easter Egg hunt on Foxboro Common, my hero Essays, candidates night, numerous Founder’s Day activities, sand for seniors, and a full calendar of December Christmas activities, including setup and refurbishing of the Nativity scene, Christmas caroling on the Common, Santa on the Common, Christmas Fruit Baskets, and Decorating the Common for Christmas.

It was a delight to help raise some funds for all those efforts!   Thank you, Jaycees, for the opportunity you afforded us to give back a little too. We look forward to building on our efforts in the future!

Here’s a few photos from our paint night.
IMG_8073 IMG_8078 IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8090

So much fun!  If you would like more information about joining the South Foxboro chapter of the Jaycees, start here.   You’ll build new friendships while making a positive impact on the community.  How great is that?  Check them out today.