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Fertilizing on the Fly

Just off the easel.  This piece is entitled “Fertilizing on the Fly” and is a mixed media collage painting constructed with acrylic paint, acrylic ink, and art papers on 24 x 24 stretched canvas. 

The life of a crop duster is a dangerous one, flying at low altitudes leaving little room for error.  But many of our nation’s farmers depend on them to keep our food sources robust.   Fertilizing on the Fly is a tribute to those dedicated men and women who take on the task.

You can own this original piece for $350, including, of course, a signed Certificate of Title guaranteeing its provenance.

Our First Cool Blue Collector Offering $179.

 Pickin’ Pumpkins is the title of this, our first Cool Blue Collector offering.    It’s an 18 x 24 Mixed Media piece on stretched canvas, ready  to hang or frame.

The truck is a 1953-1955 Ford F100 with Side Mount spare.  The Patch is all pumpkin and sits out back behind the corn fields.   Those sunflowers were planted by the birds last fall.

This piece is the first of our program to allow access to art collecting to everyone, and is priced for one week only at $179. after which time it will go to our regular pricing scale.  If you are interested in viewing this piece or purchasing, please contact Holly at 774-230-0102.   There’s only one original, and when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Cool Blue Collector And New Gallery Options

Collecting art is the new badge of sophistication.  The only problem is that original artworks can be very expensive–sometimes in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  Andy and I are committed to making art collecting accessible to all, so we are introducing a new feature to roll out later this week.

Every week we will offer a new, original artwork painted by me at Cool Blue Collector pricing.  That means $200 or less (depending on size and intricacy). This will be a full-level professional painting.  Not a paint party option.  And it will only be one a week, and it will be announced right here.

And, for all of you just getting started in your world of creating art, also note that our paint party  gallery update also begins this week!  We’ll be replacing 40 party options with new ones.  Very exciting!

The new options will be beginner level, medium level, and a few advanced level, so that folks from all experience levels can enjoy new classes.

Ahhhhhh I love Fall!  Time to turn over a new leaf!  Ha.

Watch for all the new gallery introductions beginning later today on our Facebook page.  And watch for the Cool Blue Collector release sometime between Wednesday and Saturday.   First to claim it breaks into the art collector world at unheard of pricing!

Kids Birthday Paint Parties starting at $150

Have a little artist on your hands?  Did you know we can come do a paint party for the kids  for their next birthday?  And it won’t cost you any more than you are already spending on grab bags and favors.   Prices start at $150 for up to 6 kids (age 12 or under).   Add $25 for each child thereafter.   We take care of the entertainment and the party favor (their painting.) And you get to sit back and relax.  Easy Peasy.  Be sure to book your event well in advance to insure the date you need.  Call us at 774-230-0102

Art Decor for Home and Life

Did you know that all of our painting are available on a variety of items such as shower curtains, pillows, bags, cups, and more?

Go to then click on the “Collect Art” tab then the “Fine Art Prints & Merchandise” tab to find your treasures today!

The Second Step. Choose a Niche.

Now that I’ve decided to move ahead with the fine art part of my art career, I’m told that I need to choose a niche.  Well.  I don’t have to.  Only if I want to be successful.

At first I was horrified.  How can I choose?  I love being able to paint whatever comes to my mind, wherever inspiration strikes!   But then I looked at my recent works and it’s pretty obvious where my inspiration tends to come from.   Travel and transportation.   Most of my paintings of the last year revolve around that theme quite naturally already.

So there’s not much to think about, is there?

I mean, it doesn’t even terrify me.  I love everything to do with planes, trains, automobiles and boats–maybe even a tractor or motorcycle or two.  They take me wherever my wanderlust dreams up.     So why not?

On to step 3…

I’ve fallen in love with collage mixed media, so much so that I’ve challenged myself to complete 12 pieces of this type in July 2018.

This piece entitled “The Shoes” (Click on the image to enlarge) was the first and was mostly experimental for trying different techniques and materials.  I’d never tried collage or mixed media prior to this piece, and I didn’t expect to love it, but I do.

In hindsight I would have zoomed in more on the singer but I was telling a story that needed the entire empty room and the lurker in the background.

It was inspired by a photo of singer and song writer Tammy Laforest on stage.  The photo is blurry but in it you can see her bright red shoes.   I love that photo.  It speaks to some of the challenges that you must endure to succeed in the music industry–including painful  high heels for the ladies and playing to many empty rooms.  There’s also tolerating lurkers who turn perverted, low or no pay, and  many other challenges.  It’s a good thing it’s a labor of love and the art they create with their sounds makes the world a more beautiful place.

To music artists everywhere, this one’s for you.

Watch for the other 11 creations in July.  (Finishing up #2 today, and I love it even more than #1!)



a Thank You to my Customers

I nearly died a couple of months ago.

At first I was in denial.  I didn’t take it very seriously, but as time goes by and I feel better and better, I truly begin to understand how badly I felt–how close to dying I actually was.   I had a friend try to warn me, once, that he was not going to be around much longer.  He died within weeks of telling me that.

He understood how close he was.

I thought he was crazy.  He was active–a runner.  Played ball five nights a week.  How could he be sick?   But he was, and he knew it.  And he understood what was happening.  Eventually his heart stopped.  Just like that–while he stood on the pitcher’s mound at a game.  He collapsed and was gone.

So once I began to understand what was happening to me, and believe it, everything changed.  Everything.  My perspective about every nuance of my life changed.

First came the disbelief.  Then came the fight to live.  Then came acceptance that we have so little control over so many things.   Then–thankfully–then came the knowledge that we DO have control over some things.  Like gratitude.  Deep, intense gratitude for everything– the soft glow of green that surrounds us in Spring, the way my dogs’ tails wag when I look at them, the photos my kids share of their families on Facebook.  Such gratitude. For every little thing.

One thing I am immensely grateful for is my artistic abilities.   They are God-given.  I did not learn art in school.  I was born with it.  My grandfather was an artist.  I imagine some of my ancestors before him were too.  And I understand that this gift was given to me to give back to the world.  I’m to create beauty all around me.

But that’s not my favorite part of my artistic ability.  My favorite part is that I’ve found a way to share it, and to spread it with friends, but also with strangers.   I love to create art, but I adore helping others create art.  I enjoy the process of getting to know them–of watching them allow their vulnerability, of trusting me to help, and of overcoming fears.  I drink in every moment of the experience, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how grateful I am for you.

You think I am here to make a living, but what you don’t understand is that I do what I do because it gives me life.

You give me life.  You give me intense joy.

My health is on the mend.  I’ve made drastic changes to my existence–where I spend my time, what I eat, how I move my body.  They’ve all made a huge difference and begun the process of healing my heart muscle.   But the most important change outside of those things was deciding to focus my occupational attention closer to the thing that brings me joy–which is spending time with all of you.

Thank you for supporting me, for taking my classes, and for gathering me together with your friends and family.  You all mean the world to me.   My hope is to continue to bring you art and joy for many years to come, and I’ll be doing everything I can on my part to make that happen.  But tomorrow is never guaranteed, so I wanted to be sure to say thank you.  Please know that you have made my life sweeter just by being part of it.

Have a blessed and joyful day.



What’s in a Name?

  Now introducing Name Frames in a variety of styles.  Great Wedding gifts, New Home Gifts (We’d say “Homestead Est.” and the year), Father’s day gifts, or whatever you can dream of.

Frames, colors, fonts, all designed to suit the recipient’s decor.  Call Holly for details.  774-230-0102