Cool Blue Collector And New Gallery Options

Collecting art is the new badge of sophistication.  The only problem is that original artworks can be very expensive–sometimes in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  Andy and I are committed to making art collecting accessible to all, so we are introducing a new feature to roll out later this week.

Every week we will offer a new, original artwork painted by me at Cool Blue Collector pricing.  That means $200 or less (depending on size and intricacy). This will be a full-level professional painting.  Not a paint party option.  And it will only be one a week, and it will be announced right here.

And, for all of you just getting started in your world of creating art, also note that our paint party  gallery update also begins this week!  We’ll be replacing 40 party options with new ones.  Very exciting!

The new options will be beginner level, medium level, and a few advanced level, so that folks from all experience levels can enjoy new classes.

Ahhhhhh I love Fall!  Time to turn over a new leaf!  Ha.

Watch for all the new gallery introductions beginning later today on our Facebook page.  And watch for the Cool Blue Collector release sometime between Wednesday and Saturday.   First to claim it breaks into the art collector world at unheard of pricing!

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