Hundred Dollar Hamburger

Fresh off my easel after a brief break from painting.  I recently went back to try eating dairy foods and sent myself immediately into an asthma flare.  Am I the only one who can’t paint at all when I don’t feel well?  Nothing seems to lay down correctly.   So.  I waited.  🙂

I love this piece, which is funny because I almost trashed it completely two days ago.   Sometimes you have to set a painting aside and sometimes you just have to push through.  The trick is knowing when to do each!  This time I pushed on.  Glad I did.  I love how this piece glows. I love the mixture of the sectional chart and the landscape.  I love the way the diner owner painted the roof to call in her pilots.  I love it all.

Entitled “Hundred Dollar Hamburger” this mixed media piece is built with acrylic ink, acrylic paint, art papers, and light corrugated cardboard on a 30 x 40 stretched canvas.

I don’t know of many pilots who haven’t taken a quick trip to grab a burger or breakfast at a favorite airport diner–sharing a meal amongst friends.  I know in our house, this is a favorite weekend event that has us charting a course every Friday night.  Where’s your favorite diner or cafe?

Perfect for any aviation buff’s home, you can own this original piece for $495, including, of course, a signed Certificate of Title guaranteeing its provenance.

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