Teaching Joy

I loved this little bird and knew I had to paint him and offer it as a paint night class.   He’s fluffy.  

And he’s sitting on a branch that’s bent and crooked.  And he’s happy anyway.   My kinda guy.

Recently Mr. C and I went on a cruise–a 12 DAY cruise.   Twelve days on a luxury ship that moves to a new great paradise every day, and I was struck by how many people spent a great deal of time complaining.   COMPLAINING!  How do you complain in paradise?

The world is full of things to be miserable about but being on a cruise is not one of them.  Yet as the days went by it became clear that some would go out of their way to find reasons to be miserable.  Right down to the very end.   As it turned out, on the very last days of our cruise, we hit a few glitches.   First, some unfortunate passengers became ill and needed to be air lifted off of the ship for emergency care.

Our ship had to divert from its course for 7 hours to rendezvous with a helicopter to achieve this.  Which brought us now 7 hours later into port.   I felt terrible for the sick people but couldn’t help thinking What Luck! We get 7 more hours to stay on this big beautiful ship with them feeding us and giving us free alcohol.   How fabulous!  But I was in the minority.   People were furious.   They had to change their flights. (God forbid.)

Well, then it got worse.  We encountered the first Nor’easter of the year and that extended our stay further.   No worries, said the Captain.  You may stay in any of our lounges or even in your rooms if you’d like!  Enjoy the extra time!

But do you know what people did?   They lined up around the ship with their luggage FOR HOURS.  No food.  No water.  Uncomfortable.  Stuck in line.  As if they could get off the ship any faster by doing so.   I just couldn’t understand it.  Do people purposely go out of their way to be miserable?   We stayed with friends.  We watched a movie. We had a meal.  We laughed.  We watched the journey into New York’s harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, and we enjoyed the views.  And when the time came, we walked down, got on an elevator, and left the ship.

Then it hit me.   I have always said that I am the happiest person I’ve ever met, but I realized right then and there it is because I’ve trained my brain to be happy. I was born with a tendency to be happier than some, but I’ve also taught my brain to find the best possible scenario in all situations–the silver lining.  It almost automatically goes there.  Naturally. And if I could teach myself this wonderful behavior, I can teach others.

And I believe that is the gift I’ve come to give this world.   I’ve been trying to figure this out for years–Why am I here?   Well.  I think this is it.   To teach joy.

How?  I don’t know yet.  But I’m sure you’ll see my many attempts as I bring this into Blue Hasti.   Somehow.  🙂  Stay tuned.

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