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Now Reserving Party Dates for Window Art Parties!

Check out the window art gallery of ideas here.  

What is it?

Our window art parties are fun and relaxing events for people age 7+. (Call for kid birthday party pricing.) We bring all materials needed to create a beautiful picture frame/ window art piece.  We provide all instruction, materials, and help in designing.   You bring your creativity!  We’ll provide the rest.

Each party is unique.  Our frames and material stock are always changing.  We keep an eye out for fun and beautiful items to include in our art pieces.  You can go to back-to-back parties and have completely different options, keeping it fun and exciting every time!


To host a party you just need 6 people minimum.   If you get 6 PLUS YOU, then you get a $50 frame size piece for free. If you get 10 PLUS YOU, then you get a $75 frame size piece for free.  Just call Holly to pick a date!  774-230-0102

(Bars, Restaurants and fundraisers work a bit differently.  Call Holly for details.  774-230-0102)

Do I take my creation home the same day?

It takes about an hour to design your piece and create it.  The Epoxy resin used in the art piece then needs a bit of time after designing to set up before it can be safely moved.  You should plan to relax and wait a minimum of at least 1 hour after you finish your design before you try to move it.  Most people just sit and have a beverage and snack while they wait.

If you take your piece with you that same day, you will need to lay it flat in your car.  It won’t be hard to the touch for at least 5-7 hours and it won’t be completely cured for 24 hours.  You should bring a trash bag or box to lay it on to protect your carpets.

What types of materials are available for the designs? Are they all nautical in nature?

No! Not at all.  We have nautical supplies, florals, botanicals, gems, beads, templates, silhouettes, shells, wood,  and all kinds of fun and beautiful items to choose from.  You can even bring photographs or items that you love to include in your piece.

Where do you find our parties?

Most of our parties are held in private homes.   You can host your own window art party at your home with a minimum of 6 guests.  If you have 7 or more guests participating (including you), you design your own piece for FREE ($50 value)  If you have 11 including you, you get a $75 value for free!  We bring everything.  You bring the guests.   (Currently available in RI, MA, CT, and Lower NH. Larger events with 20+ guests are available outside of those areas. Call for info.)

We also do events in local bars, businesses and clubs.  If you have a business or club location and would like to host, contact Holly at 774-230-0102 or at for information and reservations.

And we sometimes host events at our own home.  Just check the event listing in the sidebar of this page to see when they are available.

Do you do corporate or team building events?

Yes!  We can even do vision board-types of window art.  We can work around your needs.

Can we do this as a fundraiser?

Yes.  You can.  See  our Fundraiser page for details.

How do I schedule an event?

Contact Holly at 774-230-0102 or at to schedule your event.  Reserve a date today.  Holly will even create a Facebook event for you.  We then check in a few days prior to your date to get a final head count.

Are there any open-to-the-public parties scheduled?

Yes! Check the event page for public events.

How much does it cost to participate?

When you arrive you will choose a frame.  We have frames of all different sizes.  The size of your frame will determine the cost of your class.   For most frames, these are the set prices, but there are also odd-sized frames that may have slightly different pricing (rectangles, for example).  Those frames will be as marked at each event.

Here is a chart to show how we determine pricing.  Click on it to enlarge.

Can I bring my own frame? Can I bring items that are special to me to be included in my window art?

Yes!  Please do.  We will give you guidance on how to include your frame/item into your art.   You must have it prepared ahead of time.  Remove all backings, clips, and seal the entire frame with silicone sealant at least a day ahead of time.  You will receive a credit of $5-$10 off your piece depending on size when you provide your own frame.

Do I need experience with art or creating window art?

No.  Not at all.  Creating window art is easy and enjoyable for all.  No experience needed.

Do we all do the same picture?

No.  Everyone creates their own design.  We bring hundreds of ideas, or you can bring your own.

What if I can’t think of what to do for my design?

We will have photos and templates available to help spark ideas, and we are available to assist in the designing process.

What if I get epoxy on my hands or clothes?

We will have gloves available for your convenience.   However, as long as the epoxy is not fully cured (24 hours), it can generally be removed with alcohol.  We will have alcohol on hand for you.  You should, however, wear clothing that you aren’t concerned about, just in case you don’t see a spot until it’s too late.




















Check out the Window Art Gallery of Ideas

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