Blue Hasti Art Customer Reviews: 

Kelli Capozzoli–RPA, Mendon, MA:  “Holly is a gifted artist – no question.  We have an 11 year old chocolate lab. Realizing that he wouldn’t be with us too much longer I asked Holly to paint our dog in oil as a keepsake. Both my husband and I were “blown away” by the end product which looks like a photograph of our beloved Grizz. We couldn’t be more pleased. My husband admitted that he thought at first that this was a silly idea. He is now delighted with the oil painting which depicts the way our dog is most of the time…sitting down looking up at you.

You will not be disappointed should you decide to hire Holly to conduct an animal portrait for you!”

Barry Bachrach, Attorney at Law and Art Collector:  Holly is a tremendous creative force. She excels in free thought art as well as commemorative decorations. From the moment i first saw Holly’s creativity, i was extremely impressed. I have purchased some of her original art and proudly display it. I also asked her to reproduce a picture of my parents on a keep sake box. She did such a great job my children contacted Holly to thank her as it brought tears to their eyes, seeing such a beautiful painting of their grandparents. I highly recommend Holly to fulfill your creative needs. She has the uncanny ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

John Groccia, Professional Painter:  “As a gift to my wife for Mothers Day I asked Holly if she would paint a picture of our family dog that had just passed away a couple of months ago. We decided to use a keepsake box as the canvus so we would be able tokeep pictures and memories of our dog in it. Although I know how VERY talented Holly is, My family and I were AMAZED at her work. The detail she put into this painting was unbelieveable!!! Thank You so much for capturing our dog in the painting exactly how we always want to remember her!!!!

John Miller, Best Selling Author and President of John Miller Real Estate:  Holly painted a portrait of my Mom for Mother’s Day. When my mother received the painting she called and told me she was so happy that she cried and that I would not have to buy her another gift for the next 10 years! Wow

Robin Delaney, Real Estate Broker:  Holly is a talented and gifted Artist. If you have the privilege of receiving one of her pieces it will be something you will treasure for a lifetime.

The first time I acquired one of Holly’s pieces was in 2009 when I won an ornament in Yankee Swap at Christmas. The ornament adorns my tree not just as an ornament but as beautiful artwork.

She recently did an ornament for me for my sister. This was a last minute item only one week before Christmas and even though she was swamped with orders she agreed to take on the extra task. Of course my sister was very happy and immediately put the ornament on her tree.

I have also recently ordered a very special piece that Holly is currently working on. I gave her some ideas and gave her the freedom to do what inspires her as I know the final artwork will be spectacular.

Holly puts her heart and soul into everything she does in every aspect of her life and if you ever need an original inspirational gift, I would highly recommend you contact her as it will be something that will be held dear and cherished for years to come.
Thank you Holly for sharing your talent with all of us 🙂

Eric Kainen, Hockey Coach at Quincy High School:  For my infant nephew’s baptism, I asked Holly to paint a picture of him on a keepsake box. He was asleep in my brother-in law’s arms; a truly precious photo. Holly captured the essence of this photo, and my sister and brother-in law knew it. When I presented them the painted gift box they were floored.

If Holly’s work doesn’t impress you, or someone else, check their pulse! She is passionate about her art, easy to work with, reasonably priced, and supremely talented. I’d hire her again any day.

Sharon Day, Store Owner:  If you are looking for something unique and hand-painted, Holly at Blue Hasti is a great choice. She has provided hand-painted ornaments and other handpainted items to my store and I have alwys sold them quickly. I have also seen her mural work and it is incredible.

RaeLynn Gilspin, Entrepreneur and Small business assistance:  Holly created two very personalized bowls for my young boys. I cannot say enough about them. We’ve had them for at least three years and they look exactly as the day I bought them. There is no sign of wear and tear, and these bowls are used almost daily.

I merely told Holly a sport I wanted on each with their names and she ran with it creating very unique designs that I know they’ll have even as adults.  It will be so nice to have something this personalized for them to show their own kids some day.
Thanks Holly! I’ll be calling soon with a new request.

Andy Olewinski, Entrepreneur:  Holly hand painted 5 Christmas ornaments for my family. The gifts created lots of emotions and tears during Christmas Eve dinner. Holly made my Christmas better than ever. She is amazing artist with huge talent. Her work is incredible. I could not think of anybody better to do business with. Thank You Holly.

Yomi Castellano: Holly is amazingly talented and her work is of the BEST quality! I highly recommend her to anyone that would love and absolutely gorgeous pc of art, mural or portrait.  She is fantastic!

Elaine Lefebvre:  Holly is a brilliant artist. She is very creative, a talent that is a gift to the world. I love her paintings, they grab your attention and draw you in. They have a life of their own.

And a few from Facebook:
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